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5 Money Saving Tips for Planning Your Summer Vacation

summer vacation tips

With so many people planning summer vacations now, it can be hard to find the best deals. With lots of options on how and where to plan your vacation, you may end up paying more than you needed to for your trip. Here are some great tips for ways to save money on your summer vacations.

Use Price Comparison Websites
Website like Orbitz, Expedia, and Trivago can help you compare rates for hotels, rental cars, and flights to get the best prices and compare options for your travel plan. It is easy to pick different times, dates, and destinations to get a large list of price comparisons. Some of these websites even offer their own promotions for booking through them.

Check Company Websites Too
Comparison websites are great, but make sure you stop by the company’s main website to see if they can beat the price. Sometimes hotels or airlines will have a lower price not offered to their partners on the comparison sites. It is definitely worth the extra time to see if you can find the best deal on traveling.

Travel Agents Can Save You Money
While many people think that travel agents are out of date, they can still have great partnerships with cruise lines and other travel options. Sometimes they can find deals that are not posted online because of the discounts they may be able to offer through their partnerships.

Book Far in Advance
With summer vacation planning starting to rise, the further you can book your vacation in advance, the better. Many hotels, airlines, and other vacation companies will offer better prices if you book far in advance. Occasionally there are last minute travel deals, but typically you will end up paying more and have less options if you wait until the last minute.

Plan Your Itinerary in Detail
If you are planning to visit a specific city or area, planning your itinerary in detail can help you save money. For example, are you planning on eating at a famous restaurant in that city? Try finding a coupon or discount online before you get there. This also works if you are going to see an event or amusement park in that city – you may be able to save online if you buy tickets before you get there.