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Vehicle Registration and Insurance: The Two Vital Documents You Must Hold

Vehicle Registration and Insurance

Vehicle Registration & Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage There are two items that you must hold in order to legally cruise the open roads: vehicle registration and insurance. Failure to hold one of the two can result in a drop of coverage when Read More

Tips for Safely Navigating the Wet California Roads

Auto Insurance Long Beach CA

Vital Safety Tips for Driving in Rainy Weather Since our California roads are rarely covered in rain, many of our residents unfortunately do not know the necessary precautions for safely driving in rain. With rainy weather in our forecast, it Read More

Smartphone Apps to Eradicate Texting & Driving

Long Beach Auto Insurance and Texting and Driving

The fatal habit of texting and driving must be eradicated in order to restore safety on the roads. While teen drivers are typically the culprits for participating in this dangerous act, adults and parents alike can be seen taking this risk. If you Read More