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Best Questions to Ask When Shopping Homeowner’s Insurance

questions to ask when shopping for homeowners insurance

During the process of shopping for homeowner’s insurance in California, there is a lot of complicated information to take in from each company. Make sure you have a good list of questions ready for when you speak to each potential insurance provider. Here is our recommended list for the best questions to go over with your insurance provider in California for homeowner’ insurance.

What is covered and what is not covered?
All homeowner’s policies are not the same. There is a wide range of coverage options and values depending on your plan and your insurance company. You’ll want to make sure you know about coverage for major issues, such as roof repairs, theft, foundation problems, fires, and mold.

How much coverage do I need?
Depending on your situation, the size of your house, your personal property, and who is living in the house, there are a lot of different coverage plans that would make sense. Depending on your budget and how much coverage you want to be protected for, this will change your insurance cost quite a bit. The best plan is to build around your budget and the most important situations you need covered first.

Do I need additional insurance coverage for floods and earthquakes?
With homeowner’s insurance, flood damage and earthquake damage are purchased in separate insurance policies entirely.

What discounts are available?
This is typically not the same from one insurance company in California to another. Make sure to keep a list going of which insurance providers give you discounts and for how much. This should be factored in when comparing homeowner’s insurance prices.

What is the cost for rebuilding my house?
Make sure your insurance provider will give you the cost to equal or greater than your home’s rebuilding cost, not the price you purchased it at. This can be a problem if the value changed and you need to rebuild right away. You want to have enough coverage to rebuild your home.

What is the coverage for personal property?
Taking a home inventory list can be helpful while shopping for homeowner’s insurance. This way you can go through the list to see what kind of coverage they provide in case your personal property needs to be replaced.

What is the claim process?
You hope you never have to make a claim, but if you do, you want to make sure the process is quick and easy. Ask the insurer for details and a walk-through of the process to make sure you are still comfortable with buying insurance from this provider.