Stop Procrastinating Today!

How not to Procrastinate

A quick look at how to stop procrastinating and start doing.   Procrastination is an all too common problem. Who among us has not procrastinated one time or another? The problem with procrastination, though, is that it not only causes us to the Read More

Busting The Biggest Business Stressors

Business Stressors & Business Insurance Long Beach CA

Use this guide to recognize and minimize the biggest business stressors.    Reducing stress among yourself and your employees is not just good for everyone’s sanity; it can even boost your bottom line. When people are feeling less stressed, they are Read More

How To: Handle A Car Breakdown

What to do when your car breaks down

Here is what to do when your car breaks down.   Your car breaking down is going to be a big bummer, but it doesn’t have to be a serious danger, too. If you know how to respond to a vehicular malfunction, calmly getting yourself and your vehicle to Read More