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Common Info Needed to Make Auto Insurance Claim

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Getting in a car accident can be a difficult experience for anyone. After the accident, there are many steps to making an auto insurance claim and you want to make sure you have the most important details covered to avoid future issues. Many people know some of the basics of what is needed, but it can really help you to be prepared in advance, so if a car accident does happen, you have your checklist ready to go. Here are some common things needed when making an auto insurance claim after an accident.

Information You Typically Need To Make A Claim

Your Basic Information
Name and address are typically what is needed, in addition to insurance information like your policy number. This is simply to get the process started so your insurance company can match your information with your policy to see how you’re covered with your current policy in place.

Info of People Involved in Accident
You will want to make sure you get the info of the other people involved and as much information about the details of the accident as possible. You may even want to get their insurance information depending on how the claim will be handled.

Info About The Accident and Damages
You can take pictures of the damages to vehicles and property to have a more detailed record of everything. Getting as much information as possible about what happened regarding the accident and the damages can really help you when sorting out a claim. This way you have info needed for damage to your car, property, injuries to people involved in the accident, and other critical details. You should also contact the police if you are involved in any kind of car accident.

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