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Common Questions About Collision Insurance Coverage

common questions about collision coverage

Most drivers in California understand the basics of car insurance coverage, but not everyone knows the differences between each type of coverage. For example, what does Collision Coverage cover compared to other types of auto insurance coverage. Here are some of the most common questions about what does collision insurance coverage offer.

Does Collision Coverage Insure All Drivers?
Typically no, Collision Coverage is meant to protect the policy holder, not the other driver or the other driver’s car. Typically, the most common purpose is to cover damages to the policy holder’s car.

Does Collision Coverage Protect My Car?
Yes, Collision Coverage can help cover the costs of damages to your car that are caused by an accident. This can mean hitting another vehicle, hitting an object, or even having your car roll over. In some cases, this may even cover a hit and run situation.

Does Collision Coverage Cover Medical Bills?
Typically no, these can be covered by other coverage plans. Injuries to you, your passengers, and other people involved in the accident are covered by several different plans, like Liability Insurance, PIP Insurance, and others, but usually not Collision Coverage.

Is My Personal Property in the Car Protected?
If you are in an accident, this likely would not be covered since it is not part of the vehicle that was damaged in the collision. Your personal property would most likely be covered by Homeowner’s insurance for those items, or sometimes renter’s insurance.

Are My Pets Covered in an Accident?
Most car insurance companies do not offer any coverage for your pets if they are in the car during an accident. This will depend on your insurance company. You may also want to consider pet insurance for additional coverage.

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