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Do Auto Insurance Companies Check Driving History?

does auto insurance check driving record

When you need to get an insurance quote in Los Angeles, California or other areas of the state, there are many factors that can come in to place as to how much you will pay for car insurance in your area. It can vary depending on the company, but car insurance companies may choose to check your driving record when you are getting an auto insurance quote.

Important Things to Consider About Car Insurance and Your Driving History

An auto insurance company may check your driving record when you are getting a quote for a new policy, modifying the policy you already have by adding a new driver, or renewing your policy with the same company. The driving history check is not just for getting a new auto insurance quote, there are several situations where it may come up. So, make sure you are driving safe to avoid issues on your driving record.

If your driving record has things like accidents, tickets, and other issues, your car insurance provider may determine that you will be a higher risk to insure, and this may affect your car insurance rates. Many Californians also want to know if a bad driving record will prevent them from getting auto insurance. With most auto insurance providers in California, whether in Los Angeles, Long Beach, or other areas, will not prevent you from getting auto insurance because of your driving record. This is up to each company to decide, it may affect the insurance premium you pay for your insurance plan.

If you have a bad driving record and are concerned about how your driving record will affect your auto insurance payments, one of our auto insurance experts can discuss your options. There may be more options than you realize and you can find coverage you can afford. Depending on the amount of coverage you need and the amount you are comfortable with for your budget, there may multiple options still available. Contact us at 877-945-7233 to learn more.