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Does Home Maintenance Affect Homeowner’s Insurance?

home maintenance may affect homeowners insurance

Homeowners in California know the importance of keeping up with maintenance. This is important to prevent costly repairs over time, but it can also have an effect on your homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s insurance providers want to make sure your home is in good condition to reduce denied claims and potential damage to a home that is not maintained well. Here are a few things to consider for home maintenance.

Preventing Large Repairs by Early Detection
Many large repair bills for your house can often be avoided by early detection methods. For example, if your AC or heater is having issues like not keeping the house at the correct temperature, a simple tune-up could quickly fix the issue at a low cost. If the unit is neglected over time, the repair bill can be much higher, or the unit may have to be replaced. This is also true with small plumbing issues such as leaks, slow drainage, or low water pressure. As soon as you see these small issues, consider hiring a professional to examine and repair the issue before it becomes a big repair. Also make sure to inspect the house for pests, rodents, foundation issues, and roof repairs needed. These are other small repairs that can become large repairs if neglected.

Avoiding Denied Claims with Proper Home Maintenance
Homeowner’s insurance providers in California can turn down claims if they discover that the house damage was caused by neglect. This surprises some homeowner’s that thought they would be covered for major repairs. I the insurance company finds that simple maintenance and early detection would have prevented the damage, such as water leak over time, they may be able to deny your claim and not cover the damages to your house.

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