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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Fire Damage in California?

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Having your home and personal property become damaged or destroyed by fire damage can be devastating. It can leave you wondering if fire damage is covered by homeowner’s insurance and wondering what the next steps are to rebuild and get your property replaced. Here are the basics on how homeowner’s insurance covers fire damage, and property damage.

Is Your Home Covered by Fire Damage?
Typically, yes, homeowner’s insurance covers damage from a fire, including a wildfire. This will typically cover the dwelling, or the house itself and possibly other structures such as a detached garage. Damage caused by a fire is typically a peril that is included in your homeowner’s insurance plan in California, along with windstorms, hail, lightning, and vandalism most commonly. However, floods and earthquakes are not covered under homeowner’s insurance plans.

Is Your Personal Property Covered by Fire Damage?
Yes, this is typically covered in a standard homeowner’s insurance plan in California. If your personal belongings such as clothes, electronics, or furniture are destroyed or damaged by a fire or wildfire, these will usually be covered in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Keeping up with a home inventory list can help you when making a claim for your personal items. The more detailed the record of your items, the better.

What If You Have to Live Somewhere Else Until Repairs Are Completed?
This is typically covered under the Loss of Use Coverage portion of your homeowner’s insurance. This type of coverage pays for additional living expenses if you must move out while your house is being repaired because of fire damage, or other damages that make the house unlivable.

If you have questions and concerns about your fire damage coverage and how this is covered in your current homeowner’s insurance policy, our experts can help you. We have local homeowner’s insurance experts that can get your questions answered right away. Contact us at 877-945-7233.