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Fire Safety Tips for Homeowners

fire safety tips california

Homeowners in California can all benefit from having a detailed list for fire safety tips to make sure their family and house is safe in case of a fire. This ensures that you and your family have the correct fire safety plan in place in an emergency, and can also benefit you regarding homeowner’s insurance. Here are the main fire safety tips you want to make sure you implement in your home.

Fire Safety Tips for Your House

Install Smoke Alarms
Typically these are installed on each level of your house, preferably inside of each bedroom or around areas where people may sleep. This makes sure that smoke is quickly detected by having a smoke detector close by.

Develop a Fire Escape Plan
Setup a detailed plan in case you and your family need to escape from a fire. It is very important to go over this plan with your family to make sure everyone has it memorized so they can quickly act during an emergency.

Test Smoke Alarms Regularly
Preferably test your smoke alarms in your house monthly. This can help prevent a smoke alarm from malfunctioning. You should also replace the batteries regularly if needed.

Keep Grills Away from the House
Make sure that your grills, fire pits, and other heating devices are placed at least 3 feet away from anything flammable. This is vital to preventing fires when cooking or entertaining outdoors.

Store a Fire Extinguisher in the House
Keeping a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place can help you quickly put out a fire in an emergency. Typically, people store this in the kitchen, since it is a common place where fires may start in the house.

Don’t Leave Burning Candles Unattended
Burning candles are a common cause of a house fire if they are left unattended and too close to other flammable objects. If you are going to use candles, make sure to be safe and keep an eye on them – and extinguish them if you leave the house or go to sleep.

Putting these simple fire safety tips in place can help protect your family and your house, it can even help with your homeowner’s insurance and prevent costly claims.