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Personal Belongings Replacement with Homeowner’s Insurance

personal property coverage homeowners insurance

It can be devastating if anything happens to your personal belongings – both emotionally and financially. For homeowner’s in California with the right homeowner’s insurance policy, their personal belongings may be covered. However, there are Read More

Tips for Homeowners to Save on Electric Bill in California

We all know that summers in California can get hot, and this can cause your electric bill to be much higher than you want it to be. There are some easy ways to save on your energy bill and reduce your costs as a homeowner. These can even avoid costly Read More

How To Estimate Home Value for Insurance

home value estimate for insurance

If you purchased homeowner’s insurance in California years ago, but have not checked the current value of your home compared to your insurance policy, it may be time to do update this. You will want to make sure that the latest value of your home and Read More