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How Does Homeowner’s Insurance Handle Natural Disasters?

natural disasters covered by homeowners insurance

As a homeowner in California, the last thing you want to experience is a natural disaster of any kind. Many homeowners are concerned with how their insurance may or may not cover their house and their belongings in the event that a natural disaster does affect their property. Unfortunately, there is not a simple policy that will cover all natural disaster damage, insurance varies depending on the policy, the coverage you have, the area, and the type of damage caused. It is very important for insurance policy holders to review their plan thoroughly, or discuss it with an insurance agent to make sure they are covered in case something should happen. Here are some key coverage details you should know.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover All Natural Disasters?
Not in 1 single homeowner’s insurance policy, no. While homeowner’s insurance typically covers natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning in some cases. The exact coverage amounts and situations vary depending on your policy and your homeowner’s insurance providers, but those are typically in the standard list that you can be covered for damages. In addition, the personal property insurance within most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover damages to your personal property within the house, such as furniture.

Which Natural Disasters Are Not Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?
Floods and Earthquakes require separate insurance plans outside of homeowner’s insurance in California, and other states throughout the U.S. Since these natural disasters can still be common, it is highly recommended that you review all of the insurance plans you have that are related to protecting your home to make sure you have the coverage you need for common damages caused by natural disasters in California.

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