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How Does Homeowners Insurance Work in California?

how does homeowners insurance work

As expensive as it is to buy a house, damage and repairs can be just as expensive. Because of this many people want to know how does homeowner’s insurance work and what kind of homeowner’s insurance is available in California.  It is important to keep up with your house to protect your investment and the home you live in. Owning a home can add a lot more responsibility to your day-to-day life and it is important to have insurance protection in place in case there is an issue. Homeowners insurance in CA will typically cover things like property damage, damage or theft of personal items, injuries on your property, and possibly more.

Benefits of Homeowner’s Insurance

  1. Can add protection to your home for costly house repairs
  2. Can help with recovering from damage or theft of your personal property
  3. Possible coverage for medical expenses for accidents on your property
  4. Can cover alternative living arrangements while your house is being repaired

Property damage for homeowner’s insurance in California will typically give you compensation for damages to your house or detached structure, like a garage. The amount you get depends on the limits of your policy and your specific plan and provider. Things like earthquakes and floods are usually not included with this. To go over what is included in full detail, contact an homeowners insurance expert to verify.

Personal property loss will usually cover things like damage to your personal items or theft of those items. Not all situations or items are covered. You will want to go through specifics with your current provider to make sure your most important personal items are covered.

Personal liability can cover if you or a family member or possibly even a pet causes property damage or has an injury on the property. This can even have some coverage for medical expenses, in addition to costs for the property repairs. However, you typically are not covered for damage caused by negligence. To sort out the specific details of how this homeowner’s insurance coverage in California can help you, talk to one of our homeowner’s insurance agents in Long Beach or our Los Angeles office at 877-945-7233.