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How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

how much is rv insurance in california

RVs are a great way to get away from it all and travel the open road. Whether you use your Recreational Vehicle as your permanent mobile home or just use it for vacations, you want to make sure you review insurance options to protect your investment. How much RV insurance can cost varies on many factors, whether you are in California or not. Here are some of the main factors that can affect how much you can pay for RV insurance coverage.

The Type of RV You Are Driving
Insurance providers use the make and model of your RV to get a more precise coverage cost, similar to auto insurance quotes would be for a car. The cost and condition of the RV will have a major impact on the price it costs to insure it.

Driving History
How many accidents or traffic violations you have on your driving record overall can have an impact on how much you may pay to cover your RV. So make sure you are driving safely in all of your vehicles.

Condition and Age of Your RV
Even with the make and model of the RV being the same, the condition it is in and how old the RV is can have an impact on how much you can expect to pay for RV insurance in California and other states.

Experience Driving RVs
Insurance companies can take into consideration the amount of experience you have driving an RV as a factor to determine your insurance cost. The more experience you have, the less of a risk factor you are for the insurance provider.

How Frequently You Use Your RV
If you are living in your RV full time as a mobile home or if you only use your recreational vehicle for occasional vacations, you will pay more if you are full time in the RV. This is because you are using it more frequently and it will wear down faster.

Where You Live and Travel
The area you live in can affect the cost depending on the hazards of theft and weathering to the RV. Also, if you travel long distances over more risky areas, this can increase the cost of coverage as well.

RV insurance coverage can be more affordable if you find the right plan that provides the right amount of coverage for your budget. To discuss options, pricing, and plans, contact one of our local RV insurance experts today at 877-945-7233.