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Is Roadside Assistance Included in Auto Insurance in California?

roadside assistance insurance california

When shopping for insurance providers in California, it is a good idea to have a complete list of what you are looking for in your car insurance plan. Ask yourself, What kind of coverage do I need? How much coverage do I need for auto insurance? What is included in my auto insurance plan? These important questions can help you get the answers you need for your plan, like whether or not roadside assistance is typically included with auto insurance plans in California.

For most auto insurance providers in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and other areas of California, roadside assistance is considered an add-on to car insurance. Standard car insurance coverage does not usually include roadside service. While this is extra to add it to your existing plan, many people often do because of the extra safety it provides. If you are stranded on the side of the road or need help with a flat tire, roadside assistance can be the perfect addition to any plan and well worth the money. It is not part of the legal requirement for insurance in California, but it is still popular.

What is Covered in Roadside Assistance?

The most common things covered by auto insurance roadside assistance plans are towing for your vehicle, providing you with emergency gas if you run out, changing flat tires, battery jump for dead batteries, and minor car repairs on the spot. The coverage is intended to help get your vehicle up and running again so you can get to a repair shop or back to your home. That is why small repairs are covered and towing is covered. Anything is better than being stuck on the side of the road. Typically, roadside assistance in California is 24/7 – so you can get assistance even if your car breaks down at 2 in the morning!

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