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Is Roadside Assistance Worth Adding to Your Auto Insurance?

roadside assistance

Many people with auto insurance in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and other areas of California are wondering if the add-on for roadside assistance in auto insurance is worth the extra money. We will go over the benefits in more detail to help you decide if this auto insurance add-on makes sense to add to your existing plan.

Common Issues Covered by Roadside Assistance

Towing – Many insurance providers will give you towing included if your car breaks down or needs to be
towed because you were in an accident. This can really help get you out of a tough spot.

Emergency Gas – If you run out of gas and are stranded on the road, some coverages can bring you gas to be able to get your car to a gas station. This can really help keep you out of trouble on the road.

Battery Jump – Should your battery die in your car and need a quick jump to get started again, your roadside help can service this to get your car started again so you can get to a repair shop.

Flat Tire Change – When you get a flat tire, it can be dangerous and you may not have a spare. Roadside assistance in auto insurance plans can cover this to get your flat tire swapped out or even replaced with a new tire.

Coverage for the Driver – Some auto insurance plans with roadside assistance can cover the driver themselves. This means if you have issues in a different car, you can still get your roadside help.

On-The-Spot Repairs – For smaller repairs, on-site technicians may be able to fix your car issue on the spot. This can really make a big difference if you have car issues when you are not near a repair shop.

Fast and Reliable Services – Insurance providers typically do extensive screenings for any company they use for their roadside assistance add-on, so you know you are getting great service from a reputable company.

24/7 Help – Insurance providers can offer you help whenever and almost wherever your car breaks down!

Talk to an auto insurance expert today to learn if this add-on makes sense for your current insurance plan, and how much money road-side assistance add-ons can be for your auto insurance plan coverage – 877-945-7233