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Do Parking Tickets Increase Auto Insurance Premiums?

can parking tickets affect auto insurance

California drivers often ask, can a parking ticket affect my auto insurance premiums? While there are many factors that go into what you pay for your auto insurance premiums, a more detailed explanation is needed to clarify which type of tickets will affect your rates. Here are the facts:

Will Parking Tickets Affect Your Car Insurance Premium?
The simple answer is no, parking tickets typically do not affect auto insurance rates directly. Traffic tickets would be the main type of tickets that can affect auto insurance rates. However, there are some related issues to parking tickets that can affect your insurance rate. For example, if you receive a parking ticket issues by the government, and do not pay this ticket, this can result in a hold or suspension of your driver’s license. If you have a suspended license on your record, insurance companies are likely to take this into account when calculating your rate.

Other Issues With Parking Tickets
While parking tickets may not directly affect your car insurance rates, not paying your parking ticket can affect your credit score. For example, if you receive a parking ticket from a private organization, and do not pay the parking ticket, you can be reported to a collections agency, which hurts your credit. If your credit score is negatively affected by not paying the traffic ticket, this may cause you to have a higher auto insurance rate than if you did not have issues with your credit. You want to make sure you are keeping up with all payments so you don’t get referred to a collections agency and hurt your credit.

If you have concerns about your previous tickets, driving record, and credit score affecting your auto insurance rates, our experts can discuss your auto insurance options with you. We can explain how you may be able to find a better rate and find an insurance plan that fits you better. Contact our Los Angeles or Long Beach local California