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Questions to Ask When Comparing Car Insurance Quotes in California

questions to ask when comparing auto insurance

There are a lot of issues that can come up when comparing auto insurance companies in California. Things like what kind of coverage do you need, how many cars are you insuring, what is the best deductible, what add-ons make sense for you, and many more questions. When comparing local car insurance companies, here are some common questions that you should ask.

Common Questions for Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes:

Are the Deductibles and Limits the Same?
When you are looking at multiple car insurance quotes, make sure to get the additional info beyond the price. If you have different deductibles and limits, it is not a good side-by-side comparison based on price alone.

Is the Amount of Liability Coverage the Same for the Price?
Even though one insurance provider near you offers a lower rate, they may have less liability insurance coverage. Remember to consider how much coverage you actually need when you are price shopping for car insurance in California. Cheaper is not necessarily better.

Are the Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Amounts the Same?
These two are common in insurance and you want to make sure you are covered in case you are in an accident and need to make a claim. Collision coverage is likely to come up and is common in car insurance quotes.

Are They Offering the Right Coverage, Limits, and Deductibles for Your Car Value?
Do not look at the price quote alone – make sure you know what exactly you are getting for that price quote. If the price is very low, but it barely gives you any coverage for your car, it may still not be the right plan for you. Balance out the costs and coverage to find the best fit for you and your car.

Are There Discounts?
Make sure to ask upfront what kind of discounts they offer. This can vary quite a bit from one local car insurance provider to another.

What Are Your Payment Options?
How often do you have to pay? What kind of payment plans can you setup to fit your budget? Make sure these are covered during the quote process, before you buy car insurance.

What If You Have to Make a Claim?
Ask about their claim process – is it easy? Does your rate go up or do they offer a program to where accidents are removed after time? No one wants to make a claim, but if you do, you want to make sure the process is as easy as possible with the auto insurance company you want to use.