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Reasons Why A Car Insurance Claim May Be Denied

why auto insurance may deny your claim

Filing an auto insurance claim in California after a car accident is usually a straightforward process. However, there are reasons why your car insurance claim may be denied. Some of these reasons are preventable if you know what they are in advance. Make sure to keep up with these things to avoid being denied an insurance claim.

Top Reasons Why Your Claim May Be Denied

You Policy Doesn’t Cover Specific Damages/Situations
Often times, car insurance holders in California assume their car is covered for any situation and any damage. This is simply not the case. For example, if you only have Liability Coverage but not Collision Coverage, you may not have the damage to your car covered by your insurance plan. Make sure to check your plan for what you are actually covered for.

Reported Incident Too Late
Make sure you report your incident right away. If you wait too long to report the incident, your car insurance provider may deny your claim.

You Don’t Have Enough Coverage
If your auto insurance plan does not have enough coverage to cover all of the damages from your claim, you may not receive the full amount you need for repairs. Make sure to check what amount max coverage you have in your current policy.

You Did Not Pay Your Premium
If your payments for your car insurance are past due, your policy may have lapsed and is no longer valid. Make sure you are making your payments on time to keep your auto insurance active.

You Are Not The Person On the Insurance
If you have car insurance for your family, for example, make sure all drivers you want covered are on the auto insurance policy. It does not automatically apply to everyone who may drive the car.

If you are concerned that your auto insurance policy does not have the coverage you need to cover your claim, or have been denied a claim in the past, talk to our auto insurance experts today at 877-945-7233. We can discuss finding the right plan to fit your needs and make sure you have enough coverage to cover future claims.