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RV Safety Checklist

rv safety checklist california

Taking a RV vacation can be a lot of fun, but make sure to have your RV safety checklist handy before you get on the road. You’ll want to make sure you plan as much as possible. Plan your route, supplies, stops, even your RV insurance should be checked during the planning to make sure you have the right coverage and roadside assistance.

Here is a Simple RV Safety Checklist:

Check the Roads

Before you start your RV trip, make sure to plan out the route and be familiar with the roads you are taking. This makes it so you can check the roads in advance to make sure there are not major detours and construction, and this helps if your GPS system goes out. It never hurts to also bring a map to travel the old-fashioned way.

Check the Weather

The weather is not always predictable, but you should check as much as you can in advance to make sure you are not heading into a storm or other major issues. Even being aware of heavy rain can help you be safer with your RV traveling.

Plan Reservations

If you are planning on staying at campgrounds or other RV areas, make sure your reservation is in order. If you are not planning on stopping at reserved spots, make sure you plan your stops accordingly to areas that can accommodate Recreational Vehicles.

RV Insurance and Roadside Assistance

Make sure to check on what is covered by your RV insurance provider in California, before you start your trip. Things like roadside assistance and towing may differ from one RV insurance company to another. You will want to make sure you clearly understand your coverage, and add on anything that you are needing before your trip.

Weight Check

Double-check that your weight limit is ok for your trip and within the legal limit. You don’t want to overload your RV to cause issues for your trip. Plan your food, supplies, water, and other heavy items accordingly.

Make a List

It is always useful to have a checklist for your RV vacation. This can include simple things like checking your spare tire, propane tank, oil, tire pressure, and making sure you have all of your supplies.

Learn to Drive the RV You’re Using

This applies if you are renting your RV or driving an RV you have not driven before. You want to make sure the RV insurance is covered for you as the driver, but also familiarize yourself with the RV, even do a test drive in your local area to get used to it first.