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Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Driving Someone Else’s Car?

auto insurance driving someone elses car

There are some unique situations that come up with auto insurance coverage and it can be hard to know if you will be covered or not. For example, does your auto insurance cover you if you are driving someone else’s car? If you are in an accident Read More

Auto Insurance Discounts for Seniors

auto insurance discounts for seniors

There are a lot of great auto insurance discounts for seniors available in California. Taking advantage of these discounts can help you save money on your insurance and could help reduce your payments if you qualify. In addition to the discounts, you Read More

Car Safety Checklist for Teen Drivers

driving safety checklist for teens

Driving a car is a big responsibility and teen drivers should be taught the proper safety instructions for operating a vehicle in California. This can avoid very dangerous driving habits and keep your teenage driver out of harm, and can avoid Read More