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Reasons Why A Car Insurance Claim May Be Denied

why auto insurance may deny your claim

Filing an auto insurance claim in California after a car accident is usually a straightforward process. However, there are reasons why your car insurance claim may be denied. Some of these reasons are preventable if you know what they are in advance. Read More

Common Info Needed to Make Auto Insurance Claim

auto insurance claim process ca

Getting in a car accident can be a difficult experience for anyone. After the accident, there are many steps to making an auto insurance claim and you want to make sure you have the most important details covered to avoid future issues. Many people Read More

Summer Car Maintenance Tips for California

car maintenance tips for california

Summertime can really bring on the heat in California. While this is a fun time for vacations and getaways, the heat can take its toll on your car. After a long summer, make sure you are keeping up with your car maintenance to avoid any issues, Read More