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Who Can I Add to My Car Insurance Policy?

adding people to auto insurance

When adding additional people to your car insurance policy there are some important issues to consider. While most Californians are familiar with adding family that live at the same address, there are other unique situations that can come up that Read More

Can Auto Insurance Pay Medical Bills After an Accident?

does auto insurance help with medical bills

After a car accident, people often have many questions about how to get things back in order. Most commonly, people want to know if their auto insurance will help pay medical bills after an accident. Auto insurance coverage can vary in California Read More

Affordable Car Insurance Options in California

finding affordable auto insurance

While it is required by law that all drivers have auto insurance in the state of California, finding the right plan to fit your budget is still a challenge. There are many options and add-ons depending on how much coverage you need and what you want Read More