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Questions to Ask When Comparing Car Insurance Quotes in California

questions to ask when comparing auto insurance

There are a lot of issues that can come up when comparing auto insurance companies in California. Things like what kind of coverage do you need, how many cars are you insuring, what is the best deductible, what add-ons make sense for you, and many Read More

Do Auto Insurance Companies Check Driving History?

does auto insurance check driving record

When you need to get an insurance quote in Los Angeles, California or other areas of the state, there are many factors that can come in to place as to how much you will pay for car insurance in your area. It can vary depending on the company, but car Read More

What Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage?


Comprehensive auto insurance coverage is a very common add-on for covering damages to your vehicle that come from events other than a collision – such as theft, vandalism, flooding, or if your car is stolen. The decision to purchase, or not purchase, Read More