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Car Safety Checklist for Teen Drivers

driving safety checklist for teens

Driving a car is a big responsibility and teen drivers should be taught the proper safety instructions for operating a vehicle in California. This can avoid very dangerous driving habits and keep your teenage driver out of harm, and can avoid Read More

Summer Car Maintenance Tips for California

car maintenance tips for california

Summertime can really bring on the heat in California. While this is a fun time for vacations and getaways, the heat can take its toll on your car. After a long summer, make sure you are keeping up with your car maintenance to avoid any issues, Read More

Must Have Road Trip Safety Tips

road trip safety tips california

Going on a road trip this summer? Remember to be safe and prepare for your trip properly. A few simple safety tips can go a long way when you are on the road! Top Safety Tips for Road Trips Get Your Car A Tune Up / Checkup Making sure everything Read More