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When Should I Add to My Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage?

add to homeowners insurance coverage california

A lot of California residents own a home and may even know the details of their homeowner’s insurance coverage very well. If you took the time to go through the process of buying a home, you likely went through a good amount of research to find the Read More

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Earthquakes?

earthquake insurance california

When you own a home in California, there are a lot of things that homeowner’s insurance will cover. Since most of the coverage can be related to damage to your house and the cost of repairs, people often wonder are earthquakes covered by homeowner’s Read More

Can My Insurance Company Cancel My Homeowner’s Insurance?

homeowners insurance cancel

If you are regularly keeping up with your homeowner’s insurance payments and you are within your policy term, is it possible for your insurance provider to cancel your homeowner’s insurance? Californians are wondering what unique situations would Read More