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How much liability coverage do I need in my homeowner’s insurance?

homeowners insurance liability coverage

There are several aspects that make up your homeowner’s insurance, including liability coverage for property damage or bodily injury. Depending on your policy and your insurance provider, your coverage amounts may vary, and you may not have enough Read More

What are the parts that make up homeowner’s insurance policies?

review parts of homeowners insurance policy

Although most homeowners have insurance, not everyone is familiar with the many parts of their insurance policy and how to review them. Learning what is included in your homeowner’s insurance policy can help you make better decisions when buying Read More

How Does Wildfire Area Risk Affect Homeowner’s Insurance?

wildfire risks and homeowners insurance

There are many factors that can affect how much you pay for homeowner’s insurance in California. One of these is the area you live in and potential risks in that area. If the risk of Wildfires in your area is high, you will likely have a higher Read More