landlord insurance in california

How Much Is Landlord Insurance in California?

landlord insurance costs in california

If you own a home that you are renting to tenants, you most likely have reviewed the costs of landlord insurance in California. This cost is different than standard homeowner’s insurance and the specific details of these insurance plans should be Read More

Difference Between Homeowners Insurance and Landlord Insurance

difference between homeowners insurance and landlord insurance

When people are considering renting out a portion of their home or getting a rental property to become a landlord, they want to know how are homeowner’s insurance and landlord insurance different, and which one do they need. The main difference comes Read More

Money Saving Tips for Landlord Insurance in California

save money on landlord insurance

Owning a rental property can get expensive, so we can all use more tips for saving money on landlord insurance in California. There are many common ways that landlords can reduce the cost of their insurance, and these vary by area and specific Read More