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Why You Should Complete a Home Inventory List for Homeowners Insurance

homeowners insurance inventory checklist

If you have homeowner’s insurance in Los Angeles, Long Beach, or other parts of California, you have probably come across the option to make a home inventory list for your homeowner’s insurance. Many people wonder what is the benefit of creating a home inventory checklist and what purpose does it serve for insurance. Keeping up to date with the items in your home can help you when you have to make a claim should there be an issue, such as damage to your home or property. Here is a FAQ list for home inventory lists for insurance.

Do I Need to Make A Home Inventory List for Insurance?

While insurance companies may not require this list, it does make it much easier to settle a claim and keep up to date with your property should you need to make a claim after property damage to your house or personal property.

How Do I Make a Home Inventory List?

To get started more easily, start with the more expensive items in your home and work your way down. Things like collectibles, jewelry and other expensive items. As far as setting up the list, many insurance companies have free tools, spreadsheets, and even apps to help you make a detailed list of your items. You should also take pictures, video, and keep receipts to have as much documentation as possible to make your claims easier.

What Do I Put Into a Home Inventory List?

Make sure to be extra thorough with what you put into your home inventory list for homeowner’s insurance in California. Things like credit card statements, receipts, appraisals, invoices, and other proof of purchase documentation is useful to document the personal property items you want to make sure can be covered. You can also take photos and videos of your items for further documentation.

What Do I Do With a Home Inventory List?

Once you have completed your list, you may want to consider storing it in a safe place like a bank security deposit box. Many people also save the documents on their computer and create an electronic backup, such as on a thumb drive. The list will be very useful when you need to make a claim.

Keeping your list up to date and detailed with documentation can make it easier to file your claim and hopefully get everything you need covered or replaced after damages. To discuss details of home owner’s insurance in Los Angeles, Long Beach and other parts of California, contact our offices today at 877-945-7233.