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Apps All Homeowners Should Have

Apps All Homeowners Should Have

Make your life easier with these great apps for homeowners in Los Angeles, CA.

As a homeowner, you have a lot on your plate. In addition to your professional and social commitments, you also have to stay up on your home’s maintenance, your property taxes, and the other obligations owning a home bring.

Fortunately, there are some resources that can make your life easier! Lighten your load with these innovative, handy apps for homeowners in Los Angeles, CA.

  • HomeSavvy: This app takes the guesswork out of your home maintenance. Never have another “oh, shoot!” moment again; get handy reminders when you need to check certain to-dos off your maintenance list. This award-winning app is also free!
  • HomeAdvisor: When you need a professional to handle something around the house, it can be difficult to figure out exactly who to call. HomeAdvisor has done a good portion of the work for you with their free app, prescreening service professionals in over 500 types of home projects so you can get someone reputable to meet your needs.
  • Mint: When you own a home, the cost of maintaining it can sneak up on you. Mint automatically tracks your spending over time, which means it can help you project how much you’ll spend on your home based on how much you’ve spent in the past. This free budgeting software can help you more accurately plan for the cost of homeownership.

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