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Assessing Your Flood Insurance Needs

Assessing your Flood Insurance Needs

Here’s what California homeowners need to know about assessing their flood insurance needs.

This winter’s El Niño is going to be a big one. Experts are saying climate models look a whole lot like they did in 1997, when El Niño cost not just millions of dollars, but lives.

Since we can reasonably expect to have a very rainy winter, it’s important you think about your home’s individual risk for flooding. Here’s a quick guide on assessing your need for flood insurance that you can use to decide if you need this type of coverage.

Find out your risk.

You don’t have to just guess if you’re at risk for flooding! You can consult FEMA’s flood map service center to find out if your neighborhood is likely exposed to flood hazards. It’s also a good idea to talk to your local insurance agent, who will have a good idea of how frequently flood insurance claims are filed in your area.

Do the math.

What happens if an inch of water gets into your home? What would it cost to repair your flooring? To dry out your walls? To replace the damaged furniture and other personal property? Figure out what all of this would cost, and if your family could comfortably handle the one-time expense. If not, flood insurance is a good idea.

Know your stuff.

First, know your homeowners insurance policy doesn’t protect you against flooding. Also, know where your flood insurance policy would cover you. For example, a lot of homeowners don’t know that flood insurance only offers limited coverage for basements.

Are you ready to weather El Niño? Is your home? To make sure you have the right flood insurance to protect you when the waters start to rise, contact Saferoad Insurance. Serving Long Beach, Los Angeles, and the surrounding California area, we know about our unique exposure to flood hazards and are here to help you mitigate your personal risk for flooding!