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How to Avoid Common Homeowner’s Insurance Claims in California

avoiding common homeowners insurance claims

For homeowners in California, avoiding homeowner’s insurance claims can help keep your premium down and avoid unwanted expenses. Simple maintenance and safety precautions for your home can help reduce your insurance claims and cut back on damaged property and accidents in or around your house. Here are some of the most common homeowner’s insurance claims and ways you can avoid them.

How to Prevent Common Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Avoid Theft Claims
There are several easy ways to help prevent theft in your home. It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to check all of your doors, windows, and garage door to make sure they are closed if you leave the house, or even at night. You can also install exterior lights that activate with motion. In addition, adding a home security system can help prevent theft, and can even help reduce your homeowner’s insurance cost with some insurance providers.

Avoid Water Damage Claims
Keep an eye on your home appliances and plumbing to ensure there are no easy repairs needed to avoid major issues. For example, washing machines can have issues with their water line that can cause leaks or even flooding of your house. Checking these regularly can avoid water damage to your house.

Avoid Fire Damage Claims
Adding smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your house is an easy way to help prevent fires. Also make sure to not leaving your oven or stove unattended, or leave candles burning unattended – these are some of the most common fire issues. You can also help prevent electrical fires by not overloading your power outlets with too many electronics.

Avoid Weather Damage Claims
Damages from wind and rain can add up on your house and turn into large homeowner’s insurance claims if not avoided. A common issue to prevent is wind damage from patio items by securing them properly or even tying them down during a windy day or storm. Also make sure to clean out rain gutters and keep drains clear to avoid rain water flooding.

With these simple precautions, you can help reduce unwanted homeowner’s insurance claims to keep your costs down. If you need additional help on getting a better rate and saving on your homeowner’s insurance, contact one of our local insurance experts today at 877-945-7233.