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Best Payment Options for Auto Insurance

monthly or yearly auto insurance payments

If you drive a car in California, and are confused about payment options to save on auto insurance, you are not alone. There are many options as to how you can setup your payments for buying auto insurance, and some auto insurance provides will vary your insurance costs depending on how you have this setup. There may even be ways to save on your bill by paying in advance, rather than month to month payments. Here are a few common questions for car insurance payment options.

Should You Pay for Auto Insurance Yearly or Monthly?
Some insurance providers in California may offer a discount if you pay annually for your auto insurance. The amount of savings can vary from one company to another, but this is a common insurance discount. This also makes the payment simpler to keep up with, taking another monthly bill off of your list of worries – you only have to pay it once a year. Month-to-Month insurance payments will typically be at a higher cost, depending on your car insurance provider. The benefit is that you can spread the payments out over 12 months if you are on a tight budget.

Other Options for Auto Insurance Payments
It is possible to receive other payment options for your auto insurance in California. For example, some local insurance providers may allow you to make quarterly payments, or twice per year payments. This may be a better middle ground for many people that want to make the payments less often, but don’t quite have the money to make the entire payment for the year all at once. You may still be able to find payment discounts depending on which payment option you setup with the insurance company.

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