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Boat Insurance in Long Beach

Boat Insurance in Long Beach

You may have heard somewhere that a man’s two happiest days are when he buys a boat and then when he finally sells it. Boats are certainly not for everybody, but go to a beach or a lake near Long Beach for the weekend, and you will find a ton of boat owners having a great time on the water.

The boat insurance in Long Beach is especially important for your watercraft because not everyone who owns a boat is a responsible operator. Things happen, people get hurt, and boats get damaged and sink. Fortunately, you can transfer these risks to an insurance company at very affordable rates, and they all offer a package deal:

Boater Liability

The liability coverage is triggered when you hit another boat or person while operating your boat. The coverage pays for injuries caused by you in the at-fault accident. The insurance company also has a duty to defend you if an action is brought against you.

Property Damage Liability

Any damage you cause to another person’s property as a result of an at-fault boating accident is paid under the property damage liability coverage subject to the limit you select.

Medical Payments

This coverage is like an accident plan that will help pay for your injuries and any other passengers on your boat. It pays no matter who is at fault, so liability is not an issue.
This coverage would also pay for a water skier’s injuries if they were hurt while being pulled by your boat. Buy as much of this coverage as you can afford.

Uninsured Watercraft Coverage

Not everyone that owns a boat insures it. In fact, in many states insurance isn’t required to register your boat. This is where uninsured watercraft coverage comes in. If you’re hit by another boater who is uninsured, your uninsured watercraft coverage will pay for your injuries up to the limit you select.

Property Coverage/Collision Coverage

The property coverage is what pays to repair or replace your boat if you hit another boat, pier, buoy or debris in the water. It also pays for damage from things such as vandalism, fire or theft. This coverage is usually subject to a deductible you select and is similar to comprehensive and collision coverage on a personal auto policy.

Optional Coverages

  • Emergency Services – helps reimburse for costs of services such as towing, battery jump, or refueling. Similar to roadside services in the auto policy.
  • Personal Effects – pays to replace things like life jackets, fishing equipment and other personal effects on your boat.
  • Additional Equipment – this coverage is for additional equipment that is not permanently attached to the hull. Items such as sonar equipment, anchors, and navigation gear are considered additional equipment.

Most major insurers offer boat/watercraft coverage and many policies are similar but not exactly the same. For the best advice and rates on your Long Beach boat insurance, call the insurance professionals at Saferoad Insurance at (877) 945-7233 for a free and confidential quote.