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Common Questions About Collision Coverage in Auto Insurance

collision coverage questions

There are a lot of different coverage options for auto insurance. Beyond the minimum auto insurance required by law, people often have questions about what other coverage they should have and how much it costs. Collision coverage questions come up frequently and are often confused with Comprehensive coverage and other types of coverage options that can be added to your car insurance policy. Here are some of the top questions that people ask about how collision coverage works in your plan.

What Does Collision Coverage Cover?
Collision coverage in auto insurance covers damage to your vehicle if you hit another vehicle, if you hit a stationary object, or if someone hits your parked car in some cases. You can also have protection for damages if your car rolls over. This is different than comprehensive which mainly focuses on the other person.

Will Collision Coverage Help With a Hit-and-Run?
In some cases, depending on your insurance provider, you can get coverage if someone hits your vehicle while it is parked.

Does Collision Coverage Protect Against Weather Damage?
No, this insurance is focused on damage to your vehicle that is caused by an accident related incident.

Does Collision Coverage Protect Against Theft?
No, this would fall under comprehensive coverage in your auto insurance plan.

Can I Only Have Collision Coverage?
No, you need the minimum liability coverage required by law, and then you can add additional coverage as needed.

Do I Need Collision Coverage?
Most drivers prefer to add this to their insurance to make sure they can get the damages to their car covered in case of an accident. Many insurance providers can help with the repairs or even replacement of your vehicle if it is damaged because of a car accident.

If you have been considering adding collision coverage to your current car insurance plan, or have questions about your current coverage – our local insurance experts can help. Visit our offices in Los Angeles or Long Beach, or call us directly at 877-945-7233 for more information.