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Dealing With Theft and Auto Insurance

theft and auto insurance

In the unfortunate event that you have your car stolen or your car is broken in to, it helps to know what is next regarding filing an auto insurance claim for the incident. There are several important things you should know about how your car is covered by auto insurance for situations involving theft. Differences in coverage will vary from one company to another, but the main coverage details are similar between insurance providers if your car is stolen or items or stolen from it. Here are some of the main points on auto insurance and theft that you need to know.

Theft and Auto Insurance

Items Stolen From Inside the Car
If you car is broken in to and personal belongings are stolen from inside the car, this would typically fall under homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance. While this sounds strange, your personal items that are inside the car are usually covered under different types of insurance than auto insurance. Auto insurance focuses on the car itself, property damage, or injuries if there is a car accident in most cases.

Car Components Stolen
If items from your car are stolen that are part of the car itself, such as the radio, air bags, rims, or tires for example, these may be covered under your auto insurance plan. The reason is that they are attached the car itself and not personal property that was in the car, like a laptop.

Car Itself is Stolen
For most insurance providers, you can have coverage plans that will replace or help replace your car if it is stolen. This varies depending on your coverage and your auto insurance provider, but it is common to have coverage if the car itself is stolen.

You will want to make sure to file a police report covering any damage or stolen property that occurred from the vehicle theft. Or if the vehicle was stolen, make sure to give police as much detail as possible to file a report. Once this is completed you should contact your insurance company to file a claim to see what kind of coverage you have.

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