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These Gaps in Affordable Auto Insurance in Los Angeles, CA Could Spell Trouble. Watch Out!

gaps in affordable auto insurance in Los Angeles, CA

Make sure you don’t have these gaps in affordable auto insurance in Los Angeles, CA.

You want to get the best rate on your coverage, and we want to help! But we also want to make sure you’re not cutting corners to cut cost. Here are a few things you need covered on the road that you may not have considered. Make sure you deal with these possible gaps in affordable auto insurance in Los Angeles, CA!

Stuff in your car.

If something gets stolen out of your car, your auto insurance actually won’t be the policy to cover it. You’ll need homeowners or renters insurance to step in, so make sure you’ve got a policy in place before you put any valuable belongings in your car.

Excess liability.

You’ve got enough liability coverage to step in if you cause a fender bender, of course. But have you considered what would happen if you did more damage? What if you cause a four-car pileup? You could quickly exceed your liability coverage limits. Talk to your agent to find out how an umbrella policy could give you the excess liability coverage you need.

Other drivers.

You’re a law-abiding driver, so you have insurance. That doesn’t mean everyone else does, though. If someone without a policy wrecks your car, you could be left footing the bill yourself! Fortunately, uninsured motorist coverage is designed just for these situations. Ask your agent about adding this affordable coverage to your policy to make sure someone else’s mistake doesn’t end up costing you.

While you should be diligent in checking your policies, it’s also your agent’s job to make sure you don’t have any significant gaps in your coverage. For expert advice on how to protect yourself on and off the road, contact Saferoad Insurance. We can help you remedy any gaps in affordable auto insurance in Los Angeles, CA. For better protection in LA, Long Beach, or elsewhere in Southern California, call us!