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Heading for a Group Ride? Use This Guide & Motorcycle Insurance in Los Angeles, CA

Group Ride & Motorcycle Insurance in Los Angeles, CA

Your motorcycle insurance in Los Angeles, CA and these tips will help you enjoy your group rides this spring.

Now that the weather’s starting to heat up here in Southern California, it’s time to get your bike out of storage and head out to enjoy the fresh spring air. There’s a lot of joy in solo riding, but if you’ve got friends with motorcycles you know a group ride is a great way to celebrate the coming seasons of excellent road conditions. Use this guide and your motorcycle insurance in Los Angeles, CA to make the most of your group rides.

Make a game plan.

Before you hop on your bikes, have a plan in mind. Whether that’s an end destination, a route you want to hit, or just your next stop for gas, knowing where you’re all headed will make the ride less stressful. Also, establish hand signals so people can let each other know a stop might be required.

Prep your bike.

Fill up your gas tank and make sure you’ve dealt with any other maintenance to-dos. The last thing you want to do is hold up the whole group with a mechanical issue.

Set an order.

Choose a lead and chase rider so your group knows who to follow and who will see that no one gets left behind. Also, make sure everyone knows to stagger their order in the lane with at least two seconds of following distance between bikes.

Head out!

Enjoy the feeling of the fresh air surrounded by your friends!

You want to soak in the freedom of your group ride, but that will be hard to do if you’re worrying about what-ifs out on the road. Make sure you can head out worry free by contacting Saferoad Insurance to get great motorcycle insurance in Los Angeles, CA. We also offer policies in Long Beach and the surrounding California cities.