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Halloween Safety Tips

Saferoad insurance wants to wish everyone a happy Halloween and encourages everyone to stay safe during the festivities. Learn more about our top safety tips for Halloween and how you can have a safer Halloween this year!

Halloween Safety Tips

Watch the Streets Closely
Whether you are driving or walking, the streets will be packed and chaotic. If you are walking, make sure to use proper crosswalks and still obey rules of the road to make sure you are not walking where cars may be driving, and of course, always look both ways before crossing the street. If you are driving, be especially cautious for people crossing the streets and drive slower to give yourself time to stop suddenly.

Stay Seen, Stay Safe
For costumes on children, or adults, make sure you have reflective tape, stickers, glow sticks, or something that helps drivers see you in the dark. Particularly with masks, it can be much harder to see where you are going, and you want to make sure cars can clearly see you. For children, be sure they stay with an adult while walking or crossing streets.


Pumpkin Carving Safety
Do not allow children to carve pumpkins. Only adults should carve pumpkins since you must use sharp utensils. Also, try using a glow stick or battery powered fake candle instead of a flame – this can be much safer to prevent fires.

Remove Yard Clutter
Check to see you don’t leave yard equipment, hoses, and other dangerous items in your yard or driveway where children would be coming to your house for Trick-or-Treating.


Don’t Drink and Drive
For adults attending parties and bars for Halloween, do not ever drink and drive. Plan a designated driver or driving service instead.


Safe Trick or Treating
Children should always be accompanied by an adult on a planned route for Trick-or-Treating. For candy, make sure children also have a good dinner that night before eating treats. In addition, parents should check all treats to be safe before anyone eats them.

Caution About Decorative Contact Lenses
The FDA recommends from their website that, “It’s very important that you only buy contact lenses from a company that sells FDA-cleared or approved contact lenses and requires you to provide a prescription.” View full article about decorative Halloween lenses on the FDA’s Website Here.

Saferoad Insurance wants to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!