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Home Insurance in Cerritos & These Tips Can Help You Stay Safe at the Grill this Memorial Day

Home Insurance in Cerritos & Grill Safety Tips for Memorial Day

Before you fire up the grill, review these safety tips and your home insurance in Cerritos.

The weather’s heating up! And with Memorial Day right around the corner, your weekend plans probably are, too. You just need to make sure things don’t get too hot to handle. If you’re planning to grill this Memorial Day, make sure your fun doesn’t go up in flames by using these grill safety tips and your home insurance in Cerritos.

Clear the area.

One of the best things you can do to avoid a grill mishap is choose a smart place to set it up. Pick a clear, flat area at least 10 feet away from your house. If there are any overhanging branches or dry plants nearby, remove them before you start grilling. Also, make sure the area has great ventilation. You should never grill indoors.

Clean it up.

Leftover fat and grease buildup can flare up when you light your grill, creating a burst of flame that’s hard to control. Avoid this mishap by cleaning your grill thoroughly after each use. Don’t overlook the trays below the grill, either!

Set yourself up for success. 

Before you use your grill, read the owner’s manual. While it’s not the most stimulating reading material, knowing how to operate your grill can help you avoid disaster.

Also, keep a small spray bottle of water by the grill. That way, you can quickly douse any flare-ups without spoiling the meal! Also, designate a grill attendant in advance to step in if you have to step away. This person can keep an eye on the food and keep kids and pets well away.

These tips will go a long way towards keeping you safe over the grill, but accidents do happen. When they do, you deserve to be able to call on your home insurance in Cerritos. Do you have enough coverage in place to protect you and your family from a fire? To make sure you do, contact Saferoad Insurance today!