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Homeowners Insurance and Contractor Work

homeowners insurance and contractors

For remodeling and repairs for the house you own, it is important to find a good contractor. But what happens if your home is damaged by the contractor during a repair or remodel? Many people want to know how does homeowner’s insurance handle damage from contractors or remodeling companies? Here are some of the main points you should know about how homeowner’s insurance would handle this type of property damage situation.

Homeowner’s Insurance and Contractors

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover a Contractor Damaging My Home?
In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance may cover property damage that a contractor caused while working on your home. However, there are some unique situations, depending on how the damage occurred, that may not be covered.

Accident Coverage for Contractors
If a contractor has an accident that causes damages to your house, such as accidentally starting a fire, your homeowner’s insurance may help cover the repairs. In most cases, it is more likely that your insurance would be contacting the contractor company to have their insurance cover the accidental damage.

Damages from Repairs or Remodels Work
For damages that are caused from a lazy repair or bad workmanship, homeowner’s insurance may be able to help. These are for situations like if a window repair company does a poor installation and the window falls out a few days later. This would most likely fall on the window company’s insurance provider, not the homeowner.

Is My New Remodel Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?
If you have added on to your house or made remodels to your house, you should check with your homeowner’s insurance provider to check your coverage limits. You may need to adjust your current insurance policy to insure the add-on, upgrade, or remodel will be covered should there be a future claim.

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