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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Damage to My Boat?

boat damage and homeowners insurance

As common as it is to store your boat at your own house when you are not using it, this brings up the question of if your boat is covered by homeowner’s insurance while it is at your house. If you store your boat in your own garage for example, and it gets damages, does that fall under boat insurance or homeowner’s insurance? We’ll go over this in more detail and important differences you should know for when your boat is damaged while storing it, not when it is on the water or a marina.

Can Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage to Your Boat?
Homeowner’s insurance has coverage related to personal property. This is typically coverage for replacing or repairing personal property from a situation like a fire, hail damage, theft, vandalism, or other issues that can cause harm to personal property, such as a boat or other watercraft you were storing in your garage at the time the damage occurred. In most cases, homeowner’s insurance provides a small amount of coverage for your boat if it is damaged, so most people do not use this coverage alone for boat insurance coverage.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?
This insurance coverage is meant to cover the boat or personal water craft for damage to the boat itself, and liability coverage, similar to how auto insurance can cover you and your car in accidents. Most often, this is used for coverage for when you are using the boat on water. This is the more common insurance coverage option when it comes to being protected for damage that happens to your boat.

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