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How Does Accident Forgiveness Work in Auto Insurance?

accident forgiveness in auto insurance

Depending on your auto insurance provider in California, you may be eligible for discounts, bundle options, and other savings with your coverage. Many car insurance companies now offer accident forgiveness built into coverage, which can help policy holders save money depending on their driving record. However, there are some factors that come into play with how accident forgiveness works in auto insurance coverage. Here are some of the main things you should know.

What is Accident Forgiveness?
Many car insurance providers have a feature that prevents your insurance premium from going up, even if you are in an accident. This is typically covered even for at-fault accidents, or accidents that you caused. Most companies will apply this to just 1 accident for a pre-determined period of time, which varies from one insurance company to another.

How Do You Qualify for Accident Forgiveness?
Depending on the auto insurance company, there are different policies. Some insurance companies will give you the accident forgiveness automatically without a qualification process. Other insurance providers will require you to have certain qualifications to determine whether or not you will be approved for this feature in your coverage plan.

Does Accident Forgiveness Apply to All Accidents?
This depends on your auto insurance provider. With some providers, if you are at fault, the accident forgiveness may not apply depending on the circumstances. Most providers will take each situation case-by-case to determine if the accident forgiveness will apply to keep your premium from going up because of the car accident.

If you are unsure if your current provider provides accident forgiveness, or would like to learn about auto insurance companies that offer accident forgiveness, one of our experts can help. We would be happy to discuss plan options with you and find the best policy based on your coverage needs. Contact us or visit our Los Angeles or Long Beach location. Call today at 877-945-7233.