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How much liability coverage do I need in my homeowner’s insurance?

homeowners insurance liability coverage

There are several aspects that make up your homeowner’s insurance, including liability coverage for property damage or bodily injury. Depending on your policy and your insurance provider, your coverage amounts may vary, and you may not have enough coverage in case there is an incident. You may even be paying more for less coverage than a different insurance provider may be able to offer you. Here are some of the important factors about liability coverage in your homeowner’ insurance plan.

What is covered by my liability insurance in Homeowner’s insurance?
This part of your homeowner’s insurance is comprised of property damage and bodily injury in most cases. The property damage would be protection for damage to your house and property, such as from replacing a window after a storm. The bodily injury coverage would be protection for injuries that are on your property, even from visitors in some cases. Whether or not your insurance provider will cover every injury situation is evaluated on a case by case basis, but most insurance providers will help protect you from these problems as long as it was not caused by negligence.

Can I increase my liability coverage in Homeowner’s insurance?
Most homeowners go with approximately $100,000 in coverage, but you are able to change this amount by discussing your coverage needs and budget with your insurance provider. Adjusting this coverage amount may be the best option if you want to be protected for major issues and not have to worry about having to pay more out of pocket. Your insurance provider can explain how coverage adjustments would affect your payments and find the right balance for you.

Everyone’s situation is different and the amount of liability coverage you need in your homeowner’s insurance plan should be carefully evaluated with you and a homeowner’s insurance expert. Our team of experts would be more than happy to go over these details with you to help you understand the best options for you and your coverage plan. Contact us today at 877-945-7233.