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How to Better Compare Homeowner’s Insurance Providers

compare homeowners insurance plans

Whether you have had your homeowner’s insurance provider for years or you are just starting to shop for homeowner’s insurance plans, it is important to have a good checklist to follow to make sure you are getting the best rates and coverage. There are many variations of policies, coverage, premiums, and other factors that can affect which insurance plan is best for you at your budget. Here are some things to keep an eye out for when comparing homeowner’s insurance companies.

Compare Homeowner’s Insurance

Speak to An Insurance Expert
Even if you do heavy research online, it is still helpful to discuss your options with a trained homeowner’s insurance expert over the phone or in person. Going over your options and double-checking your info can be very valuable when deciding on which plan to purchase.

Compare Discounts Offered
Most insurance providers offer discounts, but how much and how do you qualify? This can vary quite a bit from one company to another, and it depends on your situation. Give specifics with asking about discounts to see what you qualify for.

Verify Coverage Amounts
When comparing 2 or 3 plans to each other, make sure to check the coverage dollar amounts. Even if they each provide the same coverage, the amount of coverage each plan provides could be much different.

Verify What Situations are Covered
Different insurance providers may handle different claims in a variety of ways. Ask about specific damages and how they are covered. These common issues include fire damage, theft, mold, plumbing issues, hail damage, and lightning. Getting the specifics on which coverage is most important to you can help you better choose a homeowner’s insurance plan that is right for you and your budget.

Ask About Personal Property Coverage
With homeowner’s insurance, you can have different options for covering your personal belongings, such as furniture or electronics. These coverage amounts and limits can vary from one provider to another. Depending on your situation and your personal belongings needing coverage, ask an insurance agent what plan best fits your coverage needs.

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