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Maintenance & Insurance Tips Homeowners Need To Know

Maintenance & Homeowners Insurance Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles, CA homeowners need insurance and these maintenance tips to protect their homes!

Unlike your car, your home’s value will only grow over time – provided you keep it in good shape. Don’t worry that means you’ll need to shell out large sums of money to have professionals handle your maintenance; with a little elbow grease and DIY attitude you can effectively (and cost-effectively) handle repairs around your home yourself.

Here are just a few DIY maintenance tips that Los Angeles, CA homeowners should use alongside their insurance coverage to protect their home.

  • Have a running toilet? If you’ve noticed the sound of running water in your toilet and seen your water bill spike, you most likely just need a new flapper: an inexpensive rubber part you can pick up at your hardware store. Remove your old flapper and bring it with you to make sure you grab the right size.
  • Have a whole in your drywall? Grab a piece of drywall bigger than your hole and quick-drying drywall mud. Cut your hole into a square, and cut your patch to fit inside of it rather than laying your patch over. That way, you won’t have an unsightly protrusion on your wall. This is commonly known as the pumpkin patch.
  • Have a leaking single-handle faucet? You can buy a simple single-handle repair kit that will have all the pieces you’ll need for this repair. Turn off your water supply and cover your drain so you won’t lose parts. Simply disassemble your faucet, paying attention to how the parts fit together, then reassemble it with your repair kit pieces.

You put a lot of work into keeping your home in top shape. Do you have a Los Angeles, CA homeowners insurance policy that would make it quick and easy to repair it to its current well-maintained state after a disaster? For that level of coverage in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and the surrounding California area, contact Saferoad Insurance.