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What is Property Damage Liability in Auto Insurance?


1 of the two main parts of liability insurance, Property Damage Liability Auto Insurance covers the damage you do to another vehicle or other property (fences, poles, etc.) For the state of California, property damage liability insurance is required by law as part of your minimum requirement for auto insurance.

What Does Property Damage Liability Cover?

This is the part of your car insurance that covers the damage to the other vehicle or any other property that was damaged as a result of an accident that you were found at fault. Damage that is caused to your own vehicle typically isn’t covered with property damage liability auto insurance in Los Angeles. This is typically covered by collision coverage in car insurance.

Do I Need Property Damage Liability Coverage in Los Angeles?

Yes! Property Damage Liability Auto Insurance in Los Angeles, CA is part of the minimum legal requirement for car insurance in the state of California. There are smaller, affordable plans to meet the requirement, but you must include this in your auto insurance plan at the minimum coverage amount.

How Much Does It Cost?

Liability coverage for property damage is part of the state minimum and can be very affordable. While other options such as collision coverage or other add-ons can make auto insurance more expensive, the most affordable auto insurance plan in Los Angeles would be the smaller plans that cover the basics. It is best to discuss your needs with an insurance expert that will find you the best car insurance rate in Los Angeles.

Where Can I Buy Auto Insurance with Property Damage Liability Coverage?

Where to buy the best auto insurance in Los Angeles can be a challenging question. While there are great online resources to help you do research, the various plans and legal requirements can be confusing. The easiest way to buy auto insurance is to use an insurance expert to find the best rate for you. This way you know you are getting a lower rate for exactly the coverage you need.