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Re-Evaluate Your Homeowners Insurance for 2018

2018 homeowners insurance review

If you own your home in California, you have likely dealt with shopping for homeowner’s insurance plans. If you have had the same homeowner’s insurance plan for years, but have not reviewed it in a while, now should be the time to review your policy to get the best homeowner’s insurance coverage in 2018. Most people do not re-review their existing policies to see if they can find a better deal. It is recommended that you do this at least once per year to help you save money on insurance. Here are some important things to look at to review your current homeowner’s insurance company.

Things to Review in Your Homeowner’s Insurance Plan

How Much Coverage for Your Belongings?
Make sure to review how much coverage you have for your personal belongings. While most people are aware that homeowner’s insurance covers the house itself, not everyone reviews the policy for the coverage they get to replace or repair personal belongings.

Should You Change Your Deductible?
If your financial situation has changed, you may be able to adjust your deductible. Increasing your deductible may help lower your premium costs. However, make sure the deductible makes sense for your budget and is something you are comfortable with should you need to make a claim.

Have You Made Upgrades to Your House?
If you have done some remodeling and upgrades to your house, make sure to discuss this in detail with your homeowner’s insurance provider to get the right amount of coverage. You want your new add-ons to be covered in your current plan or make adjustments as needed.

Are You Covered for Floods or Earthquakes?
These 2 are separate insurance plans entirely, usually outside of homeowner’s insurance. You should check on these coverages as well, since they cover damage to your home in a different way.

How Much Liability Coverage Does Your Policy Have?
Should an incident happen at your house, make sure you have enough of this type of coverage. For example, if someone is injured on your property.

Are You Eligible for Discounts?
Discounts can change over time and discount offerings can change. Make sure to regularly check on if there are any new discounts you may qualify for that are not applied to your current plan.

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