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The Riding Gear & Insurance Motorcycle Riders Need

Riding Gear & Motorcycle Insurance Los Angeles CA

Protect your body, your bike, and your liability with Los Angeles, CA motorcycle insurance and the right riding gear.

You love the feeling of freedom that comes with hopping on your bike. As you head down the road, though, you become keenly aware just how exposed to the elements you are when on your motorcycle. That might leave you wondering how to protect yourself.

Get this riding gear and Los Angeles, CA motorcycle insurance so that you can be covered from head to toe and cover your bike, too.

  • Helmet: The single most important piece of motorcycle safety gear you need is a helmet. In fact, it’s not just smart to get, it’s legally required in the majority of states. When you wear a helmet, you shave 37 percent off your risk of a fatal accident. To get the right helmet, look for a full-face one that meets Department of Transportation standards. Make sure it fits your head snugly but you can still comfortably wear it.
  • Gloves: When your bike tilts, one of your first instincts is to put down your hand. Protect it from serious damage by wearing gloves that is armored around your palms and knuckles, has a retention strap to keep the glove on, and can resist wind and water.
  • Jacket: Motorcycle jackets do so much more than just look cool. One with armor that still allows your full range of motion can help protect your internal organs, so why wouldn’t you wear one? If you choose one with ventilation, you won’t be tempted to skip it on a sunny Southern California day.

Once you have your gear gathered, get on the phone with your insurance agent to ensure you’re protecting your bike the same way you’re protecting yourself. For all of your motorcycle insurance needs in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and the surrounding California area, contact Saferoad Insurance today.