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The Risk of Pokemon Go

The Risk of Pokemon Go: Are You Kidding Me?

This is just crazy! As of July, Recode.com, is estimating there are about 9.5 million cell phone owners playing Pokemon Go. That is an estimate, and may be on the low side since they can’t get the data from teenagers and middle schoolers who have cell phones without service. According to Play Store, there have been more than 50 million downloads of the game since its inception. Calling it a firestorm is certainly an understatement.

Good Things are Happening

But there’s more to the story. People are doing stupid things while playing this addicting little game. That’s right. There is a risk to playing Pokemon Go. This game actually makes you get off the couch and go outside. What? That’s right. You have to get off the couch and go outside. In fact, this game is taking credit for other activities as well:

  • Since the game requires the user to go out and seek virtual characters people who normally do no exercise are getting sore muscles in their legs. That’s exercise.
  • Increased Admissions at Theme Parks – If any business knows how to make money, theme parks are at the top of the list. The various well-known theme parks are now offering discounts for gamers to come inside and play Pokemon Go.
  • Uber Drivers are earning additional money by chauffeuring Pokemon Go enthusiasts around cities to help them find their favorite virtual characters.
  • Singles are hooking up since they’re not sitting at home staring at the screen hooked to their Xbox 360. When you go out where others go, you actually meet people.
  • It’s become a political tool. Word has it that Hillary’s campaign organizers are using Pokestops to get those of age to register to vote and hopefully vote for their candidate.

No Pokemon Go driving

Bad Things are Happening

There’s always two sides to every coin. As much as the Pokemon Go craze has caused good things to happen, there are reports of serious injuries resulting from the distraction of playing the game. According to the Pokemon Go Reddit, (yes, they have a reddit) many users have posted incidents resulting from the Pokemon Go distraction.

  • One player admitted to slipping into a ditch while walking and staring at his phone. He spent the night in the ER since he fractured the metatarsal bone in his foot. No problem, they said it would heal in six to eight weeks.
  • There are numerous reports of gamers walking into light posts, stepping into traffic, and an unconfirmed report of a young player falling off a bridge.
  • And of course, there have been car accidents. Just like texting, playing Pokemon Go while driving is extremely dangerous and absolutely stupid.
  • Reports of fighting have made it to the nightly news. It’s hard to imagine people fighting over a Pokemon Go game, I mean it’s not basketball or hockey.

Who’s on the Hook When Bad Things Happen?

We all know that when bad things happen, it ends up costing money. In the case of injuries resulting from Pokemon Go distraction, the insurers will have to bite the bullet. Health insurance policies do not have an exclusion for injuries from playing Pokemon Go, and as of today, neither do the auto insurers.

If you are a Pokemon Go enthusiast who had one of the bad things happen, give us a call (877) 945-7233, and we’ll help you file your claim. Or stop by our office in Long Beach and check out our Pokey stop.